First of all, welcome to Together Mindful! This is a website devoted to mindfulness and meditation along with the benefits they can bring to everyday life. Mindfulness is the ability to be completely present in each passing moment. With all the stress and distractions everyday life now brings it’s more important than ever that we take the time to look after our mental wellbeing. Whilst the ideas behind mindfulness originally came from religious teachings, mindfulness itself is not a religious practice.

We believe in mindfulness from a scientific perspective and that anyone can benefit from it. It’s our mission to make mindfulness more accessible for everyone. The mind is our most important asset, it’s literally how we experience the world around us, which is why we need to look after it. Feel free to look through the pages on our website for more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any future updates.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Together Mindful 🙂