It’s easy to chase after happiness. Looking at social media. In our social circles. It’s all around us and it can often feel like others have something we don’t. Almost like there’s something missing. We might think: Buy a new car. Eat that cake. That will make me happy.

We all do it.

writen i am happy

Next time you find yourself wanting something, notice what happens once you actually get it. Most people find that once we get what we want, we find something else to chase after!

“Sure, I had that slice of cake, but now I want more!”.

The sad thing is that all the advertising we have in the modern world makes us think, even on a subconscious level, that we need more stuff to actually be happy. Equally, we might think that if we had a different job, more money or lived somewhere else we might find happiness. We don’t need any of this.

Happiness is already there. Mindfulness teachers often liken the mind to a clear blue sky, at ease and happy. However, when clouds in the form of negative thoughts and feelings obscure the mind, we’re left feeling unhappy or with another negative experience.

Meditation allows us to settle the mind to get some distance from negative thoughts to reach a state of natural calm and happiness, content as we are.

This isn’t to say that sadness doesn’t exist and of course there are many reasons why a person might experience sadness, from mental illness to personal circumstances.

The point is that we are naturally happiest in the present moment when free from negative thought 🙂

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